Executive Staff

Our staff at all levels of management bring ample experience, care and energy to our mission and our communities. We are grateful to have so many hands pulling together to build More Than a Home for our residents. Below you will find contact information for both executive and corporate staff members.

Christian Church Homes

Executive Staff

Board of Directors

Board Officers:

Heather Hennessey, Chair of the Board
Ann Chaney, Vice Chair of the Board
Carroll Cotten, Secretary
Mike Carlson, Treasurer

Board Members:

Jinsuk Chun
Edward Gomez
Thomas Harshman
Nicholas Kolivas
Gerald Lang
Kevin Liu
Yolanda Marquez-Lucar
Debi Walker
Ann Willard

Corporate Staff
Corporate Counsel and Designated Broker-Officer
Senior Compliance Manager
Senior Manager of Social Services
Director of Philanthropy and Stewardship
Director of Marketing
Rhial Patel-Rpatel@cchnc.org
Nannette Beacham-NBeacham@cchnc.org
Cammille Lo-Li – CLo-Li@cchnc.org
Tom Hyland – thyland@cchnc.org
Iris Murillo – IMurillo@cchnc.org
Sheryl Stella – SStella@cchnc.org

Portfolio Managers