Christian Church Homes

7th Annual CCH Charity Event for Senior Housing

Save the Date – September 23, 2017

This year’s celebration of the mission and accomplishments of CCH will have a new look and feel. Join us for the Casino Royale with a Texas Hold’em Tournament in the beautiful and historic Oakland Rotunda.

We will transform this architectural wonder into a grand casino with games of chance and skill. Play the night away and redeem your chips for chances to win valuable prizes. There will be beverages, food, music, and dancing. Bring your friends. Impress your clients. Dazzle your associates. Enjoy a night of fun for a good cause, our mission: Providing Affordable Quality Housing in Caring Communities.


Click here for a listing of sponsorship opportunities at all levels. There is even a Table Sponsor Level for individuals eager to contribute to the success of this event.

For more information or to inquire about sponsorships or the event, call Tom Hyland, Director of Philanthropy and Stewardship at (510) 746-4171.

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