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Don Stump, President/CEO of Christian Church Homes

In recent weeks, I have been invited to share the CCH mission and our approach to affordable housing by both industry associations and local media (Station KZSC 88.1FM). I would like to take the opportunity to share a recently published article and the radio podcast with you. In both the June 2017 issue of LeadingAge Magazine, and in a radio talk show I was excited to share the major role the Disciples of Christ has played in the broad field of affordable senior housing. CCH has enjoyed 57 years of opportunities to work with Disciple churches as well as Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Sikh and many other denominations. You will not be surprised to see that America’s church community has historically played a role in serving the needy, and especially seniors of modest income.

The radio show, Universal Grapevine, produced by Bruce Bratton, is an interview program now in its 11th year. During the show, we spoke about our faith-based roots and how we have grown over the years to expand our mission to eight states and 58 communities. Below are links to the sources. I hope you take a moment to check them out.

Don Stump, President/CEO

Click here to access the LeadingAge Magazine Article.

Click here to access the radio interview with Bruce Bratton.

PS – We are hosting a major celebration in Oakland, CA. on September 23. We hope to have 250 people playing games and helping to raise funds for the CCH mission at a “Casino Royale Charity Event”. Want to come? Want to sponsor a senior to attend? Click here to visit our website for info and a way to donate!



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