Christian Church Homes

New CCH-COVID-19 Guidelines

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 has impacted our lives in more ways than imaginable and continues to evolve. “We are committed to responding to this national health crises with the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff uppermost in mind,” shares CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb.

In finding ways to protect residents and staff, a number of safety precautions have been implemented per CDC recommendations and those of federal, state and local health officials. These measures include providing disposable surgical masks at CCH communities, practicing social distancing, limiting person to person contact and handling much of the work over the phone. Staff is asked to follow guidance for frequent hand washing, respiratory etiquette and sick leave procedures. Increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols also are in effect.

Most recently, CCH issued a CCH-COVID-19 Prevention, Preparedness and Response Plan (hereinafter the Plan) detailing how CCH is working with its staff to keep our communities as safe as possible.

This Plan is a dynamic document which relies heavily on current guidance from the CDC and applicable federal, state and local government entities. As the virus evolves, the Plan is subject to change based on CCH’s operational needs and further guidance from public health officials.

In addition to defining COVID-19, its symptoms and how it spreads, the Plan outlines specific steps CCH is taking to further protect its communities. These measures include:

  • Limiting the number of visitors to only those necessary for conducting work;
  • Screening vendors in advance of them entering CCH communities; and
  • Coordinating site deliveries in line with minimum contact and cleansing protocols.


Syd shares that these steps are necessary to help maintain as safe an environment as possible. “We are proud of our role as an “essential” business,” he says. “We take the health and welfare of our residents and staff seriously and will do our part to remain vigilant in fighting this outbreak. We thank all our friends and supporters for their continued confidence and ongoing support in helping us navigate through these unprecedented times.”