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Vote for More Affordable Housing

Election season is upon us!  A rare opportunity, privilege and right which does not exist in many parts of the world.  Collectively we will select the leaders who inspire us and whom we choose to follow.  In addition to electing our leaders, a solemn responsibility, we also have a chance to set policy from the grass roots level with the measures and propositions we choose to support.

The seriousness of the duties we hold as citizens was driven home to me when earlier this month, I found myself standing in front of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.  (Actually many lessons have come to us out of this capital city of Arkansas.)  One of the displays lifted up President Clinton’s state of the union address in 1994 where he had this well crafted line, “We must return to the principal that if we give ordinary people equal opportunity, quality education, and a fair shot at the American dream, they will do extraordinary things.”

I will be bold and say that President Clinton would include “Safe, affordable and supportive housing” as part of the core principals which make up the American dream.  I will also boldly say with confidence that it is the home, with all the very best meanings of that word, which is the launching point for the American, and indeed the human, dream for fulfillment and purpose.

I invite you to join me in setting policies which will build these “safe and affordable homes” by marking your ballot with a YES in the following counties:

Alameda County– Yes on Measure A1; Santa Clara – Yes on Measure A, San Mateo – Yes on Measure K.

Together, these measures put two billion dollars into building Affordable Homes and Caring Communities.  Together, we can give everyone a shot at the American dream. See you at the ballot box!

Sincerest regards,

Don Stump