Christian Church Homes

Donors Make the Difference for Senior Residents in the Midst of Crisis

On Sunday, Oct. 8, a major fire hit parts of Northern California, particularly the region in and around Napa County. Several CCH communities experienced the fires within striking distance of their homes. Firefighters from throughout the state helped to eventually contain the blaze. We are deeply grateful our residents and staff remained safe from serious harm.

Residents at Jefferson Street Housing in the City of Napa did experience one meaningful set back — the loss of refrigerated food after the property was left without power for several days. For low-income seniors with extremely limited funds, this can become a dire situation. Through the donor-supported Resident Care Fund, CCH was able to provide residents with gift cards to replenish basic groceries.

This video brings the story to life as one resident shares her personal account. CCH is deeply grateful to all who donate to the Resident Care Fund which helps seniors during an emergency crisis.