Christian Church Homes

Reflecting on CCH’s History of Service

Dear Friends:

As we look ahead to 2022 and beyond, we pause to reflect on CCH’s more than 60-plus years of community service. We do so proudly and with renewed vigor, standing on the shoulders of our company’s founders and confident in our ability to tackle the tough times and come through stronger than ever.

We thank each of you for your unwavering dedication to CCH’s mission of providing quality, affordable housing to more than 4600 residents. Your ongoing support has helped CCH to weather the COVID-19 storm and to remain a strong leader in the affordable housing arena.

We are excited about our organization’s progress over the past 60 years and look ahead to a bright future. Current plans are in place for revitalizing several of our older communities, including three rehabilitation projects in California at Antioch Rivertown, Flower Park Plaza and Via Pacifica Gardens. Additionally, we are moving ahead with exciting strategies for our future growth. The CCH Development team is actively pursuing several promising leads for new housing developments in Colorado, Tennessee and additional sites in California.

The need for adequate and affordable housing remains as critical today as it was 60 years ago when CCH was founded. Much work lies ahead as we ready ourselves for the unique challenges facing today’s housing industry. The demand for affordable housing far exceeds supply. Construction costs are continuously rising, funding is shrinking and there is a strong need for a qualified workforce across the labor spectrum. Demand on the supply chain has created new pressures brought about by the pandemic. The economy continues to rebound as we wrestle with the new realities of what a post-pandemic world might be.

We are up for the many challenges ahead. Our organization was built and has survived with an enduring vision of service in meeting the housing needs of a mushrooming senior population. Thank you for your continued support as we push ahead to brighter days in 2022 and beyond.