Christian Church Homes

Saluting the Work of our Unsung Heroes

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded throughout the year, CCH employees have been resilient in their steadfast commitment to helping our residents live and thrive in the comfort of their own homes. As superheroes in this pandemic, they have tackled the challenges brought about in 2020 and found creative ways to keep our organization running smoothly and our residents safe and engaged. Below is a snapshot of some of the work of our community staff. We also invite you to view this video of how CCH has pulled together to weather the COVID-19 storm.

Local Food Banks Provide Nourishing Meals  

In providing assistance during the pandemic, local food banks have flourished at many CCH communities. Staff at Margaret McDowell worked with Yolo Food Bank and Farm Fresh to You in distributing more than 200 boxes of groceries each week to feed 70 residents. Social Services Coordinator, Nancy Gilford commended the staffs’ commitment to making individual deliveries to residents’ apartments each week, boosting sponsors’ confidence in the success of the meal program.

At Sycamore Place, staff teamed with the local food bank, senior center and transit services in developing a brown bag program which made wholesome food available to interested residents. Additionally, staff at Harrison Street Senior Housing provided meals to residents by hosting a food bank every second Friday of the month, a mobile meal every second and fourth Tuesday and free hot meals every Wednesday.

Beth Eden Host Community Health Fair

Beth Eden hosted a Health Fair and Flu Clinic sponsored by Walgreens. More than 90 people including residents from CCH’s Beth Eden, St. Mary’s Gardens and the surrounding community received temperature readings, flu shots, and blood pressure screenings, along with health and safety information. Participants socially distanced as they patiently waited for services. Community Manager LaShon Godfrey says the event was very well-received by both our residents and the community.


Garfield Park Village Promotes Safe Voting

While traditionally many CCH communities have supported polling booth on campus, this year as a result of the pandemic, staff at Garfield Park Village arranged for a Mobile Voting Unit to provide services on site. Residents could drop off ballots at the Unit, ask questions about voting or check their voter registration status. They also could provide a change of name, political party or address, request a large print or audio format ballot, or request voting assistance. Residents were required to wear masks and to socially distance while waiting in line. This gesture was greatly appreciated by residents as a creative and safe way to meet their civic needs.

Good Deeds Flourish at Via Pacifica Gardens 

In the midst of COVID-19, Via Pacifica Gardens in Santa Cruz received food donations from a family owned coffee shop (South Point Seascape) located down the street from the property. This action in turn led Real Estate Agent David Lyng to donate even more essential items to residents including toilet paper, $5 gift cards, puzzles and more. Thanks to the creativity of staff, residents also enjoy rock painting once a week while following COVID-19 social distancing protocols. “Residents have enjoyed painting [these] beautiful pieces,” shares Social Services Coordinator, Michelle Bayuga.



Harrison Takes Measures for Health and Wellness

At Harrison Street Senior Housing, staff have embraced a number of safety measures which include wearing masks, sanitizing the building twice a day and keeping social distance. Residents have been able to register and maintain a gardening plot on campus as a means for recreation. Many residents joined a walk club event in July and received donated items distributed by staff.