Social Responsibility

CCH's mission, vision, policies and procedures adhere to all HUD and governmental regulations, ethical standards and industry best practices. After 50 years, CCH is exceptionally experienced, fiscally sound, and remains compassionately committed to caring for life’s most vulnerable population.

Christian Church Homes

Social Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At CCH, we celebrate the ever-increasing diversity of our organization. The value of diversity has been a consistent force that has driven our mission for more than 60 years. We have worked hard to “build and manage quality, affordable housing where seniors live and thrive in the comfort of their own homes.” Our vibrant residents and engaged employees hail from many different walks of life and speak a variety of languages. While the mission of our organization is to “provide quality, affordable housing in caring communities,” the richness of this experience across our many communities is represented well socioeconomically, racially, religiously, culturally, and in the relational preferences and sexual orientations of all customers, vendors and employees.

We take pride in the fact that we are among the nation’s most diverse affordable and supportive housing organization for seniors to live and for employees to work. We have attained a level of diversity to which many organizations only aspire. While quantitative measures help us track our organizational diversity and inclusion numbers over time, they ignore the single most important aspect of diversity and inclusion: the learning organization we continually strive to become through intentional relationships and diversity of thought. Indeed, diversity and inclusion are not merely data points, but the way we at CCH live daily.

With diversity and inclusion as key components of our organization’s culture, we are able to listen more intently to the many perspectives of the constituents we serve. Through the many open and inspired perspectives that are encouraged, moments of discovery are reached that create unique and lasting impacts on the CCH experience. “Our sense,” according to Gail Gilman, President/CEO of CCH, “is that this focus on diversity and inclusion in all their forms enriches our organizational setting, makes us stronger, more resilient and ready to work with the consequent complexities of a changing worldview. “

Green Communities Initiatives

Including residents, staff & board members, CCH touches the lives of over 7000 people every day. That daily impact on environmental sustainability drives the CCH Green Communities Initiative which strives to:

Nurture a green ethos

Reduce our carbon footprint

Cultivate awareness & education

Promote the recycling hierarchy

To support the health of our residents and the health of our natural environment, CCH is committed to implementing green building materials and systems, whenever possible, in its new housing developments as well as current and future renovations.