Christian Church Homes

Southlake Renamed to Honor Don Stump

In recognition of former President and CEO Don Stump’s more than 40 years of dedicated service, the CCH Board of Directors voted to rename Southlake Tower to Don Stump Southlake Tower. A new sign baring Don’s name was installed at the property in May.

Don grew up in the shadow of his father, who served for many years as an executive with CCH. From the age of 14, Don lived with his family at CCH’s Westlake Village where he developed a deep love and appreciation for senior citizens which fueled his life-long passion to serve.

At Don’s retirement celebration in February, Rev. Bob Ihler, a long-time CCH Board Member and past Board Chair for many years, stated, “Don spent 40 years making a difference in others’ lives. He’s been gifted with human kindness and leaves a bit of himself with us and in everything he’s done.”

Don now has a tower of his own which will stand as a reminder of all his many accomplishments both within CCH and to the affordable housing industry, Bob adds.

Please note, amazing and fun photos from Don’s retirement celebration are available online. Click here to view photos from the retirement and read more about the celebration.