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Speaking out About Affordable Housing for Seniors

From time to time, it has been fun to be interviewed on radio or television about my primary passion: “Creating Affordable Quality Housing & Caring Communities for Seniors”.  My first time on television was in 1973 while I was in high school on KTVU, Channel 2, in Oakland. If you could find that footage, you would see me in bell-bottom pants, wire rimmed glasses and long hair. While I didn’t get my high-powered media career off the ground, I did enjoy being interviewed recently on Michael David’s Update Program on KWAVE Radio. 

In the embedded links below, I discuss various topics of interest. If you could see me in this recent radio interview, you would know I have given up on bell bottom pants and wire rimmed glasses, and my hair has given up on me.  I hope you enjoy listening to these clips. If you would like to chat more about affordable senior housing and the challenges and opportunities facing our country today, feel free to contact me at CCH. 

To hear segments of our interview, click on the links below:

CCH History and Mission

Demographics About Seniors

Funding and Donations to CCH

The Need for Affordable Senior Housing

CCH’s Focus on Caring Communities

The Process to Build Affordable Housing

Why Waiting Lists Exist for Affordable Housing

CCH Success Stories


All the best,

Don Stump

CCH President and CEO