Christian Church Homes

Keeping a Watchful Eye on CCH’s Communities

Smart phones, smart TVs and now smart cameras are among the latest technologies in advancing property security. When placed in discernible locations around the property’s perimeter, these cameras can detect motion, read vehicle license plates and help determine when unauthorized persons are on site who might be engaged in suspicious or unsanctioned activities.

“The technology is really, really working,” shares CCH Director of Property Management Lilia Gomez. “The cameras provide another set of eyes onsite and have the ability to track unusual activities and to capture meaningful data which can be retrieved to help keep our properties secure.”

CCH is currently contracting with an outside company to lease camera equipment for a five-year period. When a need is determined, CCH contacts the company which assesses the best locations to place cameras and provides a security proposal. The company then installs and monitors the cameras in real time from a remote location. If anything out of the ordinary or suspicious is observed, they will use a “voice down” to speak directly with the individual(s) on camera. If necessary, the local authorities will be called and CCH personnel notified.

“I love the voice down capability to immediately address a situation while continuing to monitor what is going on. This is a great feature,” Lilia shares. CCH personnel also has the ability to monitor the cameras from its computers or smart phone devices.

“A security guard can’t be everywhere or around every corner, and can only account for what is personally observed,” Lilia explains. “Cameras, strategically placed, have a much broader range of coverage and its data can be retrieved for reporting purposes.”

CCH currently has cameras in place at seven communities supplementing traditional security measures. Eventually, these cameras are expected to become the standard in upgrading security systems. “The cameras help us, as property managers, to have greater control over our communities and give our residents peace of mind to know the community is guarded,” Lilia says.